sendMe – the slightly different messenger

Messenger for mobile devices have become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. There is a wide range of different programs available, but not all are suitable for everyday use. In addition, the major messengers (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) are causing uncertainty among consumers with their new data protection regulations. This is one of the reasons why new programs have a good chance of being accepted by users. Provided they offer high standards in terms of data security, data protection and user friendliness. The messenger app sendMe has taken exactly this route and offers users everything that makes a good messenger.

SendMe is breaking new ground when it comes to data protection and privacy

Many messenger apps rely on the user as a data store. This means that movement and general user data are recorded and passed on to third parties and people. sendMe waives this entirely. This means that really no data is passed on to third parties. In addition, no data is stored on the servers. All you need to use sendMe is a phone number and an uncomplicated registration process with it. No personal data is recorded, only the telephone number is verified. You don’t need any additional accounts or other verification steps. As is customary in the industry, the calls are transmitted directly to the desired target device with secure SSL encryption. This ensures that the communication can neither be understood by others nor by sendMe itself. This encryption standard has more than proven itself in practice and represents a sensible solution for the user. With the help of this encryption, private conversations remain really private. Almost every good messenger on the market uses SSL, and of course sendMe is no exception.

  • sendMe is a secure messenger and relies on the proven SSL encryption.
  • sendMe does not sell data to advertising companies or other companies.
  • sendMe does not collect any personal information. Except for the telephone number, which is required for registration.

Do you have to do without functions with the messenger sendMe?

The answer is very short and it is «no»! Because sendMe is a messenger that can come up with many practical functions. From the popular function for a group chat to the possibility of making voice messages and video calls, everything is offered. Of course, the content of voice calls and video calls is also securely encrypted. In this way, you can safely contact your friends, relatives and acquaintances at any time. Of course you don’t have to do without the popular emojis with the messenger sendMe. SendMe offers a wide selection here. The emojis make the individual chats a little livelier. The messenger sendMe can keep up with any competition in other functions as well.

  • own profile with customization options
  • Story function
  • practical fingerprint lock
  • Dark mode
  • Real-time update for news of all kinds
  • Real-time view when other users write or record
  • easy copying, forwarding and deleting
  • convenient search within the news
  • Block and mute contacts
  • Nice design of the app

These and other functions make the sendMe Messenger extremely versatile. Whether for business or private purposes: the sendMe Messenger is convincing in use and is extremely versatile compared to competing products. Together with the high security standards, it becomes a real alternative.

Why should I switch to sendMe Messenger?

What started out as a practical tool has long since become indispensable. Messenger has completely replaced SMS. So it’s no wonder when users look for new alternatives. Because the old solutions are no longer as good as they were. The main aim of the competition’s products is to generate profit for the company. This is done through the sale and transfer of user data. This approach is not only highly questionable, but also creates great uncertainty among users. Who wants to see their private chats, pictures and recordings in the hands of complete strangers? For these reasons, more and more users are turning away from the well-known providers. You have legitimate concerns that your personal information may not be adequately protected. Alternative messengers such as sendMe offer a secure alternative here. Because they do not collect user data for advertising purposes and thus ensure that sensitive and personal data remain in the hands of the people to whom they belong. This of course leads to the question of how to finance the messenger. SendMe also needs its own server, has to be updated regularly and of course the program needs technical support. As a rule, such messengers are financed solely by their attractiveness and their use. Other forms of income, such as advertisements or cooperation with developers of operating systems, are also a common way. Since the sendMe Messenger has not been on the market for a long time, it is not yet possible to say conclusively how the program will be financed in the future. However, there are definitely ways in which both goals can be achieved: financial success and data protection. For example, one can assume that companies will have to pay to use it in the future. Of course, this only pays off if the app is used by many people and can offer the highest possible level of security.

This messenger can convince

Of course, sendMe is not the only messenger vying for the favor of its users. There are now a large number of different competing products in the various stores. But not all are serious and not all are convincing in practice. This messenger is particularly impressive because of the range of its functions. You can expect it to develop well in the near future. Because the two inventors are very committed and want to significantly improve their project in the future. But it will take a while until then. It will probably take a while until sendMe has really reached the final market maturity and distribution and is used by many people around the world. Until then, only one thing will help: convince yourself and others of this messenger. It has a lot to offer and is definitely a good alternative to the big messengers. The range of functions alone ensures that it can be used in many areas and easily replaces previous programs.